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Maria Emms

Advanced character profile :

Maria Emms

Full name: Maria Emms

Known as: Maria Emms

Rank: Craftswoman

Recruitment day: 2004-11-11

Appearance: Long gingery hair around, 4'11 in height, slim of build with bluey grey eyes. Has a large belt with tools tucked in. Often has different types of flowers in her hair.

Work-description: Maria's work tends to be making uniforms, repairing uniforms and making weapons or clothes for the guardsmen.

Personality: A bubbly lass who often gets others into trouble. She treasures the friends she has and loves to be helpful.

Background: Maria was born and raised in Yew until recently when her father heard that the militia were looking for craftsmen/women, so he sent her off to work.

Alignment: Chaotic Good - Can be a bit troublesome


Motivations/goals: To be the best damn craftswomen in the militia.

Quote: " Runnnnnn!!!"



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