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The Guardsmen militia

The lands of Britannia are filled with scum, villains, cutthroats and monsters! They burn our fields, plunder our homes and slay our kinfolk! What is there to do for the poor peasant? I tell thee this; there is strength in numbers!

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The Guardsmen - who are they?

The Guardsmen Militia is a gathering of commoners that have left their old lives to make a difference. They may have been fishers, farmers, hunters or even citizens from Britain with but one thing in common. They have all united under the command of the Militia, bringing control and order to the Yew area with the sheer force of arms and iron determination. The Guardsmen work for a safer Yew, and you can help them!

Most of the men have a complicated past or may have lost all they held dear to some misfortune, others are but enthusiastic youths that have run away from home to join a life of adventure. Yet others may have darker reasons to join. The guard also attracts power-hungry fighters that seek ranks and titles. Few are those that find the life of a guardsman an easy one. Mostly 'tis far from the glory and riches one might think. The men work hard for their payment in food as well as gear. Many are those that succumb to the blades of the foes, yet a few stay to make a name for themselves, and to write a page in the history of the Militia.

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A partially full list of members of the Guardsmen Militia between 1999 - 2007 can be found here.
Remember them well.

Please help us complete this list if any name is missing.