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Megumi Lucy Tearheart (Hesketh)

Advanced character profile :

Time of death:

Upon her annual pilgrimage to her parents, and brother's graves back at the Trinsic house remains she was confronted by Raditz' distraught companion Akira, whom seeking revenge on Raditz' death chased Megumi into the forest and gutted her, leaving her outside Trinic for dead where she was rescued by local Healers. They were unable to revive her brink-narrowing body and she passed away, where her brother-in-law Michael Tearheart took her back to Yew, garbed her up in her First Corsair uniform, the highest rank attained and gave her a respectable sea burial, where he and the other Corsairs live in hope that she was accepted into the halls of Hydros.

Megumi Lucy Tearheart (Hesketh)

Full name: Megumi Lucy Tearheart (Hesketh)

Known as: Megumi

Rank: Veteran Besieger

Recruitment day: 2001-11-01

Appearance: Megumi is just above average height for a middle-aged woman such as herself with long blood-red dyed hair trailing down her back tied into a pony-tail. She has clear green eyes, and through the years of Militia service as a Guardswoman, Sailor and Besieger she has a much more physically capable figure, rather than attractive – Although the whistles and whispers of many Guardsmen beg to differ.

Work-description: Megumi is a Sergeant fresh from the Besieger Division whom she continues to be ferociously loyal to, with an attitude and mouth to match the job description. Using the harshest and brutal methods available at hand in order to gain compliance from both Civilians and Guardsmen, it would seem that Megumi has woken up on the wrong side of the bed every day of her life.

Personality: Megumi has two sides to her, professional and personal which she does very well to keep apart from one another. On duty no woman could be hated more for her physical abuse to the slightest fault or sign of weakness that a Trainee or Footman would show. Yet off duty she is filled with laughter and enjoyment, throwing duty out of the window and enjoying where she’s at, socialising with people from all walks of life, whether it be the Captain or the Trainee she gave a broken nose earlier.

Background: Megumi was brought up on the outskirts of Trinsic on a farm with her mother, father and older brother Raditz. A long story short, Raditz was removed from the household and returned years later with a band of men who committed arson and torched the household. Megumi was the only one inside the house to escape alive. She fled to the suburbs of Yew where she spent her life in an abandoned house, and stole her food and clothes from the Market. She was found by a Guardsman patrol and was taken in to their ranks at the early age of fifteen. Megumi was keen to learn in her new life; and with the support of superiors and her fellow Trainees she quickly rose to Footman, Rookie Guard and joined the division of the Corsairs, following her dearest friend, Crystal Steel into the profession where she gained the trust of command and was elected to be 'First Corsair' when Markus Avery, the Corsair Master took flight. Somewhere in her career, around the rank of 'Rookie Guard' she fell in love with a charming young man called Lance Tearheart and they were wed, he unfortunately was murdered only two happy years after the illustrious wedding, and ever since, Megumi was widowed until a long-term secret admirer, William Courteux comforted her, and some years later asked for her hand in marriage, which she eventually accepted. However a tale of unfortunate events followed, which ended this second chance of fate. She had switched careers for a very brief time to the Besieger division which did not last incredibly long, and was refused re-entry into the Corsair division. She eventually retired, before realising she wasn't quite done with the Militia yet, and donned her Iron arms, tossing herself back into the fray of Militia life. On one annual pilgrimage to her parent’s grave, she never returned to Yew until seven years later, begging Captain Bladius Dart for her job back.

Alignment: Lawful Evil - Without question Megumi would obey an order, but if a superior showed any sign of fault or weakness, she would be quick to point it out, and take control of authority.

Reputation: Up until she left the Corsair division, Megumi was a lovable Guard who was compassionate to everything and everyone, as long as it was not forbidden by the Church of course! When she joined the Besiegers her attitude turned for the worst, and she became a power hungry, glory lusting woman who would mow down anyone that got in her way.

Motivations/goals: Megumi is motivated by her traumatic childhood which drove her into a profession of law enforcing. Power, Discipline and Rank drives her to achieve her goals, and rewards she feels entitled to.

Quote: " Because I am hard you will not like me! But the more you hate me the more you will learn!"

Ribbons: "Ribbon of Discipline" "Ribbon of Recruiting"

Medals: "The Iron Heart" "The King's Gold Ankh"

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